Parents of Premature babies

Congratulations on your new little one! It might've happened sooner than expected, which means some mixed emotions and unexpected decisions.

One of those decisions is nutrition - and that's where we want to help.

You've no doubt heard that your own breast milk is the best nutrition for your baby.1 But what if that's difficult at this time? Not every mum can provide enough milk straight away, and that's perfectly normal.

Could donated breast milk help you?

The World Health Organisation recommends donated breast milk as a better alternative to infant formula.

It may reduce the risks of some of the health challenges your little one might be facing, because it’s easier to digest, protects the gut and improves feed tolerance.

Also, premature babies can usually tolerate breast milk through a feeding tube quite well, which means drips can usually be taken out sooner, reducing the risk of infections.

Who's donating it?

Our donors are breast feeding mums.

Before we collect their breast milk they go through a strict screening process a lot like the one blood donors go through.

Then the milk is tested, processed and frozen to be sent out to our hospital partners. That’s how we make sure the breast milk is as safe as possible before it reaches your newest family member.



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