About Us

Our vision at the Australian Red Cross Blood Service has always been to improve the lives of patients. Recently, we identified a new opportunity to make a greater contribution to healthcare.

We’ve been collecting, processing and distributing biological products for almost 90 years. That means we have the necessary experience, expertise and infrastructure in place to establish our Milk Bank.

We’ll collect, test, pasteurise and distribute donated breast milk to hospital neonatal intensive care units in New South Wales and South Australia to begin with, but our goal is to expand.

We want to make pasteurised donor human milk available to more vulnerable babies in Neonatal Intensive Care Units who don’t have access to their mother’s own milk.

Read more about how to get involved as a donor.


The Milk Bank is made possible by the commitment and collaboration of Australian state governments.

NSW Health  has helped us get started in New South Wales and find the necessary approvals to build and operate our processing centre in Sydney. Together, we’ll provide this vital service to babies in need.

SA Health has enabled the collection and supply of pasteurised donor human milk across South Australia, helping even more premature babies, and this includes through their commitment to fund and enable the day-to-day operation and provision of pasteurised donor human milk that is supplied to their state.

Other ways to help

Become a financial donor with the Australian Red Cross Blood Service

Your donation will help to establish and broaden this vital service to the most vulnerable babies. Individuals and organisations can make a financial donation to support activities beyond the day-to-day operations. These funds will be directed towards expenditures such as breast milk expressing kits for donors, equipment such as pasteurisers and freezers, further expansion of the service and potential future research that deepens our understanding of early childhood health.

Spread the word on social media

Spread the word about this important cause. Raising awareness on social media helps us raise money and help even more babies and their families in need.

Donate blood

You might be eligible to donate blood instead if it’s been at least nine months since childbirth, among other requirements.